Unraveling The Intricacies In Iryn Namubiru Saga

Iryn Namubiru

purchase healing geneva; font-size: small;”>It is not surprising that no one has given the media any information that can satisfy the heart of pityful Ugandan fan. You do not easily get information out of the Japanese!

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However, a lot of unconfirmed stories have been written and neither Iryn’s manager nor “promoter” has come out with convincing or comforting statements.

The police (interpol) in Uganda also seems tied to how to help a national idol who given the current contradicting stories seems to have been set-up by her manager and “promoter”.

The manager receives a luggage to be given to the “promoter” who disappears in thin air on knowing that Iryn has been arrested at Narita airport.

Now we read that the fake promoter claims to sue for Uganda shillings 64 million!

The fact is that I want to challenge Kiim Tumwesigye if he can really sue Iryn and company. First of all, it is illegal to perform without a permit in Japan. Leave alone, you cannot promote an income generating event for an artist on a tourist visa which does not permit her to engagement in such performances.

Kiim Tumwesigye disguised as “Kim Ueno” has no promoter’s licence in Japan.

Talking about sh64m losses is a fools dream. Iryn was supposed to perform in a community hall rented at Japanese Yen 8,000 per day with a sitting capacity of 120 persons.

For Yen 3,000 each, the show would collect a mere Yen 360,000. The second show was scheduled to be in another community hall of Yen 7,000 per day sitting a maximum 150 persons. This would also be a mere Yen 450,000. A total of Yen 810,000.

Is Yen 810,000 equivalent to Shs 64 million or does he want to say it is what he expected to get for drug broking?

Someone convince me that this was genuine business given that Iryn had to travel, be accommodated and also be paid!

If Iryn had to perform her second show on May 6th, how comes the “promoter” had travel plans to be in Uganda on the same day?

Has Tumwesigye made any police statement in Kampala?

This Ugandan car importer is unemployed in Japan with a paper company for automobile recycle. This is why he could not afford to guarantee visas for musicians.

I will want him to come out boldly to sue Iryn. The underground movement we come over for you Mr. Promoter.

George Sekandi

Yamanashi, Japan


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