Nokia Phone Explodes In Rwandan Man’s Pocket


pills geneva; font-size: small;”>A Nokia C30 Mini Java owned by Venuste Nsabimana, in Huye District Southern Province blew up from the owner’s pocket on Friday.

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Speaking to Chimpreports, Nsabimana said he was “deeply terrified and shocked” by the incident as a crowd of concerned people gathered around him.

The development raises fears that substandard Nokia brand mobile phones could have found their way in Rwanda.

This is Nsabimana’s story

I was in The National University of Rwanda where I work as a supervisor for sanitation. At around 11:00am, I heard an explosion inside my pocket.

The trouser started burning.

I was confused and terrified. I have never known that phones can explode.

I quickly removed the pair of trouser I was wearing and threw it away to avoid being burnt.

People in the neighborhood had started gathering. On checking, we found that my phone had been burnt beyond repair.

I bought his phone in Allo Phone, one of the shops in Huye town, two months ago.

I had never had trouble with the phone considering that it was working perfectly.

Nsabimana says he later returned the damaged phone to the shop before receiving another one.

This incident appears, after a short moment another mobile phone explodes in Nyanza District southern province.

Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) last year decided not to allow fake mobiles enter in the country.


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