High Altitude Training Centre Handed Over To Architects

medications geneva;”>ID Forum signed the contract last week and will be working with Thai company Yang Ma Sports Technologies in coming with the final architectural drawings.

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The function took place at Teryet, where the centre will be constructed and is expected to the best in East and Central region.

ID Forum was represented by Jasper Komukama and Architect Josephine Nalubega at the hand over presided over by Apitta in the presence of the Project Desk Officer Michael Kintu and political leaders in Kapchorwa led by deputy CAO OF Kapchorwa Franco Olaboro, LC 3 chairman of Kapchesombe, engineers from Uganda National Road Authority and other political leaders.

Highlights of National High Altitude

• The new venue for the new school was handed over to the contractors two weeks back and the money for construction was also released.

• Water department says it will take seven months to install water at the centre (2 months – planning and drawing plan, one month- procurement, 3 months actual construction of water pipe). The project is to cost sh488m with sh160m already released to them.

• National Road Authority has already resolved to upgrade the road from Kapchorwa to Teryet (about 10km) before the year ends and the bridge constructed though Eng. Isaac Wani says that he will recommend the road to be fully tarmacked.

• Sh100m has been used to compensate the locals who were staying on the government land. The balance of sh90m will be released next month.

• The Rural Electricity Agency (REA) is in charge of seeing that electricity reaches the site, which they have promised to do by November this year.

• The project is seated on 150 acres of land and is to have a minimum of two modern playing fields, running track, Olympic size swimming pool, indoor games, hostel and an international hotel with a swimming pool for tourists, Helicopter landing area and a Police station among others.


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