Copa: St Leo’s Cleared For Semis


ed geneva; font-size: small;”>This follows the committee’s dismissal of a case that had been filed by eliminated Risah Standard Academy.

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doctor geneva;”>Risah had petitioned the committee questioning the eligibility of St Leo’s Mark Bankyaye whom they say he played for Bishop Mclaster Kyogere in 2009 while in S4 but St Leo’s were using him as a form six student.

try geneva;”>Risah evidence was however not enough to make the disciplinary committee punish St Leo’s Kyegobe 1-0 winners over last year’s finalists Risah Standard Academy at Kabale Municipal stadium.

Meanwhil,e St Leo’s Kyegobe’s publicist Steve Mayanja has heaped praise on his players for making it to semi-finals which guaranteed their place in this year’s East African Secondary school games to be hosted in Lira.

All the semi-finalists will be representing Uganda to East African Secondary schools games.

Semi-finals will take place on Friday in Kabale Municipal stadium starting 2pm.


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