President Museveni Officiates Local Government Conference


page geneva;”>In his opening remarks, mind President Museveni praised the Local Government Policy for being one of the best tools for reaching social services to all the local people.

“I borrowed this policy from the former colonial masters of Uganda who used it to implement their policies effectively,” he said.

President of Sri lanka H.E Mahinda Rajapakasa ,President Museveni and mayor Lawrence Yule chairperson Local Government forum

He further remarked that various politicians have come up to sabotage this policy by asking for districts whenever they want to fulfill their employment needs.

Museveni added that Uganda now has a total number of 112 districts and in order to create more districts a certain criteria has to be followed. A district must be 20km by radius and a sub county at 3.5 miles by radius.

Dr Richard Sezibera, Secretary General East African Community congratulated Uganda for hosting the first conference of this kind in the East African region.

Some of the Delegates who attended the conference

He also requested all East African leaders to embrace the 24 hr working policy rather than the current policy of leaving work/business to close during night hours. He added that if East African countries continue behaving that way, they will not achieve any development.

Sezibera further called for gender equality in all East African countries giving ladies a chance to participate in the business industry as men do.

President Museveni and President Mahinda at the exhibition

The President of Sri Lanka, H.E Mahinda Rajapakasa praised the Local Government policy as one of the essential tools that has enabled them to take services to all groups of people in Sri Lanka since 80 percent of the people live in rural areas.

Museveni and all the delegates also took time and visited the exhibition area where participants from various commonwealth member states showcased their products.

Ugandan Minister for Local Government, Adolf Mwesige, is the current chairperson for this CLGC.

This conference which started on May 14 is expected to end on May 17.

This conference is mainly to address how local governments can be empowered to reduce poverty, stimulate the local economy, provide better services to the community and ensure good local governance.

The Commonwealth Local Government Conference is the big international event in the local government calendar for senior decision-makers and practitioners to meet and learn about new ideas, approaches, and products that can support their councils to deliver better services.

The conference is held every two years and it is the first time it has been held in Uganda or East Africa.

From left; Mayor Yule ,Dr. Richard Sezibera and minister for local government Uganda Mr. Adolf Mwesigye at the confernce openning ceremony yesterday


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