Bebe Cool Fires Aide, Summons Gagamel Family


viagra http://communityartsprogram.org/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/class-wc-post-types.php geneva;”>“To all Gagamel family members, adiposity I am officially dismissing a member identified as LV April out of Gagamel family for misconduct and more,” the singer announced on Tuesday night.

Bebe is well known for firing aides suspected of having links with rival musicians.

He recently sacked an assistant for schmoozing with Radio and Weasel, his sworn enemies.

This time round he did not reveal the reason behind LV April’s dismissal.

But it appears the Gagamel family is on fire.

The Kasepiki fame star has also called for what he described as “an urgent meeting” of the Gagamel members at Alfredoz bar in Bukoto, Kampala today at 5pm “without fail.”

Bebe said his crew would discuss “misuse of Gagamel family, indiscipline and the Kamuli dormitory construction project.”


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