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Tinye: It’s Not Necessary To Talk To Museveni


doctor http://cjs.coop/wp/wp-includes/nav-menu.php geneva; color: #333333;”>Tinye further denied reports in a local newspaper that he spoke to Museveni in London last week.

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unhealthy geneva; color: #333333;”>“I have learnt with profound shock that a one Mr Ssewava Joseph has appeared in the Kamunye newspaper at page 2 and informed the public that he is my aide and that I spoke or talked to the President on phone,” said Tinyefuza.

“I wish also to state again that there has been no telephone contact between me and the President and such telephone contacts are very undesirable for now especially at a time when the State raids airports like outlaws and now intending to invade my house and harass my family members in the guise of conducting a search.”

Tinyefuza made the remarks in a press statement issued through his lawyer Joseph Luzige.

Museveni was in UK to attend the International Conference on Somalia.

The Kamunye newspaper had quoted Joseph Ssewava, a man known as Tinye’s aide, saying the President spoke to the General, who is still holed up in UK, on phone.

But the embattled General says Ssewava has all along been Museveni’s spy.

He added: “I wish to put the record clear; Mr Ssewava Joseph has been a spy of the President and has been in my office for the last three years. This has been known all along however, he could not be removed because the President specifically directed me to work with him. However in my wisdom, I limited him.”

“If I was to talk to the President which I find not necessary for now; I will let the public know. As for Mr Ssewava, you have been an agent of that lot, please stick in there.”

The statement confirms the deteriorating relations between the spymaster and the army leadership.

It further confirms fears that Tinyefuza is determined to take on President Museveni, at least in a media war.

Tinyefuza kicked up dust when he asked the Director of ISO, Col Ronnie Balya to investigate reports that Police boss Lt Gen Kale Kayihura intended to frame him and other army officers perceived to be opposed to Brig Kainerugaba Muhoozi succeeding his father.

The army leadership insists Tinyefuza will have to record a statement at Police over his recent utterances.

Information Minister Karooro Okurut on Monday said Tinyefuza’s statements could tantamount to treason which could lead to a death penalty upon conviction.

An angry Tinyefuza noted: “All this confusion is [caused] by Joseph Ssewava and other State Agents who give false information for personal gains; Mr Ssewava is a young man of 28 years, who has built three storied houses, drives a Cygnus four wheel drive vehicle in addition to a Jaguar, all courtesy of the State.”

“This is, therefore, to inform you that Mr Ssewava Joseph has never been my aide but a spy of the President and his son Brig Muhoozi. He is, therefore, not authorized to speak on my behalf; I have only authorized my Lawyer Mr Joseph Luzige to do so,” the general cautioned.

Tinyefuza promised that “the entire picture will come out immediately I return or when I speak out at an appropriate time.”

“Suffice to state for now all the people of Uganda particularly the youth should stay clear of Mr Ssewava.

“They can go ahead but one day Mr Museveni will be reminded that I have three bullet wounds on my body sustained during the struggle and three scars inflicted on me by Amin soldiers. So, kindly ignore all those spreading wrong information like Mr Ssewava.”

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