CIID Storm OPM, Quiz Undersecretary

cheap ampoule geneva;”>Chimpreports on Tuesday broke the news that detectives had stormed the OPM to arrest Flavia Waduwa, for sale the Under Secretary in charge of Finance.

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Drama started unfolding last week when an anonymous individual wrote a damning dossier to the CIID and President’s office calling for the investigation into allegations that Mrs Waduwa had a hand in the missing PRDP funds.

It is suspected the document was authored by loyalists of Martin Owor, the interdicted Commissioner, Disaster Policy in the OPM.

The author alleges that Waduwa influenced the OPM Contracts Committee to pass contracts to favour some companies in the rehabilitation of Karamoja.

Officials who spoke to this website on condition of anonymity said it’s laughable that “one woman can bulldoze a whole committee of government officials to pass this and that.”

“You journalists should write sensible things. How can one individual influence a powerful and credible contracts committee like that of OPM?” the source wondered.

At least 6 detectives today morning stormed the OPM seeking to arrest Waduwa.

They were reportedly told that Waduwa was in a meeting and could not meet them.

Contacted, Permanent Secretary Pius Bigirimana confirmed that Waduwa had after lunch traveled to Kibuli to “answer questions by the CIID.”

According to the dossier, it is also alleged that Waduwa is to blame for the alleged “poor construction of 54 Acholi Chiefs’ houses.

However, in late 2012, Police detectives failed to trace any illegality in a contract to a one Henry Walusimbi for the construction of the Acholi chiefs’ houses.

The source noted: “OPM officials said all the cement used to build 54 Chiefs Houses was bought by OPM and technical reports were made by Ministry of Works and Hydraform South Africa. The accountability was made and auditing was done. Inspector General of Government also issued a report on this matter,” the source added.

“Interestingly, Acholi paramount chief (Ker Kwaro), recently issued a statement, saying the Houses were in good shape.”

Ker Kwaro was a few months ago quoted as saying: “We would like to inform the public that the chiefs’ houses were well constructed and handed over to the chiefs in good condition…

The five houses whose sites had land conflicts have also been completed and are yet to be handed over. It is, therefore, wrong to allege that the government built sub-standard palaces, which are unfit for habitation.”

“Any defects that were noticed at the time of completion of the project were duly rectified by OPM.”

The dossier further noted that Waduwa paid millions of shillings to fired detective a one Bamanyindo who was investigating the fraud in the OPM.

There are conflicting reports over what befell Bamanyindo.

Knowledgeable sources say he was sacked after presenting “compelling evidence of fraud against interdicted Principal Accountant Godfrey Kazinda and Owor.”

The latest development at the OPM comes against the backdrop of reports that some OPM officials had accused Police of harassment and abuse of human rights.

The Minister of General Duties Tarsis Kabwegyere last week wrote to Internal Affairs counterpart Hilary Onek, saying the investigation into OPM had lost focus.

“These investigations were intended to get down to the real matter of fraud which had been unearthed by the Auditor General. I have observed, though that the investigations have become general,” SAID Kabwegyere.

He added: “It has come to my attention that officers at the OPM are being invited to police headquarters … and sometimes made to sit from morning to evening. This kind of arrangement is constraining the performance of staff and is rendering work at the OPM difficult to be managed.”

Observers say Police should stick to hunting down beneficiaries of the OPM saga especially suppliers of food and fuel to Northern Uganda which later turned out to be hot air, costing government over shs30bn.


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