USL Trashes Alupo Report, Runs To Courts Of Law


sildenafil geneva;”>ampoule sans-serif;”>“We have seen her (Hon Alupo) unsigned statement issued yesterday touching the above matter but we cannot embrace it as it is incapable of legal and practical implementations, ” Muwema told chimpreports Tuesday morning.

Following a cabinet meeting recently, government has ruled that there shall only be one topflight league to be managed by the national football governing body.

The new league that allows mergers between teams from the two parallel leagues would be called the Uganda Premier League and will be run by USL alongside an interim committee instituted by the Ministry and stakeholders.

“Once teams in FSL and USL have harmonised, the league will be run under the USL set-up, now UPL. Fufa will only remain supervisors. Also, clubs from FSL and USL (with help of interim committee) should organise themselves according to the Jinja Declaration (to form UPL).” Alupo said last week.

But Jessica Alupo flanked by her lieutenants Bakkabulindi and Education Ministry Permanent Secretary Francis Lubanga at the Uganda Media Centre backtracked on her previous statements when she said, “Fufa will steer the process leading to the creation of a new national Super League under the new name Uganda Premier League. Officials of clubs that played under the USL may join officials of clubs that played under FSL and not the other way round.”

“We are surprised by the twist of statements,” Muwema said.

“I can’t rule out money exchanging hands because when the Minister met us (USL) and the sponsors some weeks back, all we agreed about was about victory for football not the mind boggling statements released yesterday,” Muwema added when asked whether suspicions aloof that the statement had been doctored were true.

“It’s true I first saw the final paper this (yesterday) morning as I was upcountry at the weekend. But final compilation was the work of the PS (Francis Lubanga) and I trust it.” Alupo dismissed the allegations.

“She did not address the real problem which is the governance from the top. The issue of two leagues is just a small part of the whole scam therefore we have no option but disengage from her conciliatory efforts as they lack a deep understanding of the real dispute in football,” Muwema lamented.

“We shall from now on continue on our pursuit of other lawful means of causing an equitable and transparent basis for the governance of football in Uganda.” He concluded.

Main Segments of Government Resolution

There will be one league called Uganda Premier League.

Government recognizes FUFA as supreme soccer body

Uganda Super League Limited (USLL) Director Fred Muwema

FUFA will run the new league

Five man committee to prepare for league

All double faced clubs to re-unify.

Maroons to be relegated to Big League.

FUFA must give banned USLL officials amnesty

All court cases should be withdrawn.

No punitive measures shall be taken against USLL clubs

Nucleus USLL staff shall be retained

Punitive measures to be taken on anyone posing as a representative of government departments like Police, Maroons or Simba without official backing.

Ministry of Education Sports to continue engaging all stakeholders

Ministry of Education Sports shall review regulatory framework to also cater for professional.

Ministry of Education Sports to start Sports Arbitration Tribunal.


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