DP Condemns EC’s Strategic Plan

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Addressing the press at the party’s headquarters in Kampala at City House on Tuesday, Hon. Joseph Sewungu from MP Kalungu West said without population and housing census, the planning by EC is just a waste of time and resources and a way of embezzling conference allowances.

Sewungu said the past governments in Uganda have been carrying out population censuses at intervals of about 10 years since 1911.

“The latest census that was conducted in Sept 2002 was the only national population census that has been conducted in Uganda from 1991 up to date,” he revealed.

Sewungu asserted that the government of NRM has no authentic statistical data arrived at through acceptable scientific methods upon which to plan, adding: “This means the EC strategic plan and the recently launched vision 2040 are premised on concocted statistics based on rumors.”

“What is the Electoral Commission’s source of data for her strategic plan since the government doesn’t have any up to date and authentic demographic data?” demanded Sewungu.

He added: “It should be remembered that the population census was to be conducted last year but the government called it off claiming that there wasn’t enough funds to conduct the exercise.”

Democratic Party has therefore called upon the NRM government to conduct National Census to provide data upon which to plan for the nation.

On the other hand, Sewungu has warned the government upon the arrest of Gen. David Sejjusa that upon doing this, it will clearly show that it is guilty of the issues that were raised by him.

He also added that the increased number of UPDF soldiers defecting the army is due to the failure of the government to raise their salaries so as to improve on their welfare.


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