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Rwandans Urged To Consider Genocide Commemoration A Debt To All


physician geneva;”>After a week reserved for commemorating activities, cost different institutions are now planning their own commemoration ceremonies, according to the time the killings happened in their areas.

On Sunday, May 12, 2013, it was time for Kabagari sector, in Ruhango District, to honor the 26 victims of the genocide.

During this ceremony, a representative of genocide survivors in Kabagari sector, Emmanuel Ndangamira urged people to make sure all the victims are honored.

“I beg all of you citizens who lived in Kabagari for a long time and still live in here, to help us find the bodies which are not yet buried so that we can honor them. For the coming years, we will be concentrating on only remembering them,” said Ndangamira.

The Mayor of Ruhango District, Mr Francois Xavier Mbabazi thanked the former Rwandan Patriotic Army (RPA) army for their commitment to secure the country.

The Mayor said if there are some Tutsi who survived the genocide; it was thanks to the army.

“Let me take this time to thank former RPA army, for their commitment to secure our country. If it wasn’t for them, some of us who survived would not be here. They secured the country and still is,” said Mbabazi.

The Executive Secretary of Ibuka, Naftar Ahishakiye, said remembering the victims who were killed during the 1994 genocide against Tusti’s in Rwanda is every Rwandan’s debt.

Mbabazi F. Xavier, the mayor of Ruhango District

“We have a debt we must pay to the victims. We will always remember them by paying this debt,” said Ahishakiye.

In this ceremony, 26 bodies found in different areas including in Kabagari, cyabakamyi, kinihira and Nyakogo, they were buried at Kabagari genocide memorial site.


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