Gov’t: Gen Tinye Faces Death Penalty

viagra approved geneva;”>Information Minister Mary Karooro Okurut says Sejusa is a “General in active service of the UPDF, diagnosis a member of its High Command and represents the army in the 9th Parliament and therefore had various appropriate platforms to raise his concerns without recourse to the media to incite the population or undermine national security.”

In a statement to the media seen by Chimpreports on Tuesday, Karooro further warns: “As a senior serving officer, he is subject to military law. Section 137 of the UPDF Act 2005 on disgraceful conduct provides that a person subject to military law, who spreads harmful propaganda, commits an offence and is, on conviction, where there is failure of operation or loss of life, liable to suffer death or in any other case, liable to life imprisonment.”

The Minister emphasizes that for the purpose of this section, “spreading harmful propaganda” means making oral or written statements ill of the Defence Forces or “of the government not being constructive criticism or spreading false stories intended to undermine support for or morale of members of the Defence Forces or to incite support for or boost morale of the enemy.”

Sejusa is blamed for calling for an investigation into intelligence that army officers opposed to Brig Keinerugaba’s “presidency” were targets of assassination squads.

Attempts by the army to secure a conviction for former spymaster, Brig Henry Tumukunde on charges of “spreading harmful propaganda” recently flopped at the Makindye Court Martial.

The Military Court’s judge Brig Fred Tolit ruled that state had provided insufficient evidence to convict Tumukunde.

Army spokesman Col Paddy Ankunda said recently that Tinyefuza would be held liable for his “disparaging comments” in the press.

Gen Tinyefuza who had promised to return to Uganda from UK where he has camped since April 30 is reported to be seeking asylum in the European Country.

Media reports on Tuesday quoted the embattled General’s lawyers as saying he would return during the course of this week.

Karooro added that “it is also forbidden and criminal under Section 142 of the UPDF Act for a person subject to military law to make false accusation against any officer or militant, knowing the accusation to be false.”

“What Sejusa alleged is alleged to have said about a plot to assassinate him is not true, what he has said about Muhoozi project is not true it is a figment of his imagination and intended to puncture a hole in our professional army.”

In the same article, Karooro warns journalists and media owners “not to disseminate information or an allegation without establishing its correctness or truth,” adding, “there is no evidence as of yet that the journalists who authored the initial story on May 7, 2013 proved or satisfied themselves of the veracity of the allegations made by General Sejusa other than the material fact that he raised them purportedly in an April 29, 2013 letter to the Director General of Internal Security Organization.”

And in what appears as a clear case of unacceptable intimidation, Karooro stated: “Therefore any journalist to disseminate this information is to fall in the same sphere as Gen Sejusa – he who repeats a rumour spreads it.”


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