“Uganda Population Explosions Hurting Development”


see geneva;”>Uganda being among the countries in the world with the fastest growing population, Ministry of Health has revealed that the total population has reached 34.5 million people compared to the year 2010 when it was at 33.4million.

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Zainab Akol, Principal Medical Officer in charge of Family Planning at the Ministry of Health said as the country’s population grows, year per year, it affects the countries development in several aspects.

“The proportion of both males and females is the same. Whenever the population increases, it affects the development process of the country, resources become inadequate including food, land, health care, poor infrastructures, among others,” she said.

Zainab told Chimpreports on Tuesday that women in rural area tend to produce many children making their families grow bigger and in turn can’t cater for their health, food, school dues in good schools, proper shelter which forces children to end up on Kampala streets.

Although Zainab said children are a gift given to someone from God, she advised women to use family planning methods including pills, moon beads, IUDS, condoms and withdraw methods to reduce on the consequences of increasing population like low standards of living, low quality life among others.

She appealed to the government to sensitize people in rural areas to use contraceptives and also educate girls on consequences brought of early marriages.

Julius Lukwago, Marketing Director PROFAM who was present at the press briefing also advised men to remind their wives to use these methods and curb increase of population. He gave an example of the pills, saying husbands are supposed to remind their wives to swallow the pills every day.


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