Kwita Izina 2013: Celebrating Nature, Empowering Communities


recipe geneva;”>This originates from a traditional Rwandan ceremony held for the birth of every child.

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During this uniquely Rwandan cultural event, a select number of guests will have the opportunity to choose a meaningful Kinyarwanda name for the newborn gorillas.

The theme of this ceremony is “Celebrating nature, empowering communities.

Kwita Izina is a time to celebrate Rwanda’s iconic mountain gorillas, one of the country’s treasures. It is also a time to promote responsible and sustainable tourism, in order to: help protect Rwanda’s environment; assist in the economic empowerment of the communities living around the national parks; and contribute to the continuous growth of Rwanda’s economy.

Several Kwita Izina activities will be held between June 15 and 22, 2013 including Dutaramane which is a celebration of the diverse cultures represented in Rwanda and their perspective on conservation. Through art and a variety of visual representation, participants will also have the opportunity to experience different global conservation sites in one location.

A look back- Exhibition as another activity will showcase Rwanda’s successful conservation projects, but with a particular emphasis on the history of mountain gorillas and the trackers who play an essential role caring for them.

Schools will participate through an art competition based on the theme as secondary school students will be given a chance to share their ideas of youth’s role in the future of conservation. The winner of the competition will name a gorilla and a visit to the Virunga National Park.

Furthermore, visitors will be given a tour and opportunity to visit various sites along the Kigali- Kinigi route, including agriculture projects, tourism sites and community based activities. This journey will culminate with the main Kwita

This event offers the ‘package’ which includes rebate fees from hotels and restaurants along the route, participation at the local cultural event in Kinigi on the eve of Kwita Izina as well as the participation at the main event.

This gorilla naming ceremony will incorporate this year’s theme, highlighting the benefits and success of conservation in Rwanda. “We will also identify and approach Ambassadors who advocate for sustainable tourism as a uniting concept. These will include celebrities as well as authoritative voices in tourism, conservation or development, who will also be given the opportunity to name gorilla babies born this year,” reads the release.

This Gorilla naming ceremony is expected to attract more than 1500 guests.


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