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M23 Warn Tanzania: We Are Different From Idi Amin’s Soldiers


viagra http://dbkschool.net/wp-content/plugins/rizzi-guestbook/_admin_menu.php geneva;”>Credited for superior jungle-fighting and other guerilla warfare tactics that have threatened President Joseph Kbaila’s hold on power, M23 on Monday said Tanzanian fighters deployed in DRC last week will soon “see the difference between Amin’s donkey soldiers and the M23 fighters.”

Under President Julius Nyerere, Tanzania supported by Ugandan exiled rebel groups managed to topple Dictator Idi Amin in 1979.

“Welcome to hell Tanzania you are going 2 see the difference between the ill-trained, drunken Idi Amin soldiers and M23 fighters,” the rebels warned on Monday.

The M23 statement is indicative of growing tensions in the war-torn country.

South Africa troops were recently flown to Goma as part of the UN intervention Brigade to confront the rebels.

The rebel group last year seized Goma after defeating DRC troops. If further captured the strategic towns of Sake, Rutshuru, Bunagana among others only to pull out later due to international pressure and calls from regional leaders under their umbrella organization, ICGLR.

Observers say a war between M23 and the UN Brigade is likely to worsen the humanitarian crisis in the country. Already, hundreds of Congolese civilians have started fleeing their country to refugee camps in neighbouring Uganda.

M23 recently warned Tanzania Parliament that any deployment of the country’s troops in the volatile eastern part of DRC would meet a heavy response.

“Our valiant and determined combatants have consistently prevailed over much larger and better equipped forces,” M23 leader Bertrand Bisiimwa wrote to the Tanzania Parliament in April.

He added: “The same will happen to the Intervention Brigade if your wisdom does not prevail to intervene and stop this dangerous adventure in its tracks.”

Bisiimwa invited the Parliament and the people of Tanzania to carefully “re-consider this situation and prevail upon the Tanzanian Government, a current member of the ICGLR, not to send the sons and daughters of this noble nation to engage in an absurd war against their Congolese brothers.”

The Brigade is reportedly targeting M23 mutineers who revolted in 2012, accusing DRC government of discrimination, corruption and human rights abuses.

Bisiimwa notes the circumstances surrounding this “absurd decision to send forces to wage war in Eastern DRC, reminds us with regret about the absence of the late Professor Julius Nyerere whose visionary leadership, wisdom and philosophy of “UJAMAA” stood in total contrast with the amateurish trigger-happiness of some of the present day leaders on our continent.”


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