1000 Residents Face Eviction Over Anti-Malaria Channels

The residents protest in front of the RDC's offices in Mbarara yesterday

Over 1000 residents of Byafura cell in Kamukuzi Division in Mbarara took to the streets in protest this morning, sildenafil after getting an eviction notice from Mbarara municipality authorities.

The residents living near the “anti-malaria channels” and along River Rwizi were ordered by the authorities, discount to vacate the area before the council moves to evict them.

Malaria Channels are trenches constructed to reduce on mosquitoes breeding places.

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A malaria channel in Byafura

A malaria channel in Byafura

This evection of the locals follows a stern warning by the Mbarara Municipality town clerk Munono Barintuma against those encroaching on these channels.

Munono said the council would not compensate anyone who has been living along these trenches.

According to the Mbarara municipality physical planner Carol Warugaba, and residents constructing adjacent to the anti malaria channels must leave a distance of 300 meters while those along R. Rwizi should be 200metres away.

Residents of  Byafura residents led by their LC 1 chairperson Byafura ward Ahamadah Sembirige on being handed the eviction notice, mobilized and started marching toward the RDCs office seeking for the President’s protection before council demolishes their houses.

About 100 homes are set to be demolished in the operation.

One of the residents Yasin Mugisha told us that six of his houses including a mosque were approved and constructed long before the trench was constructed. He vowed to take the municipality to courts of law.

The Mbarara Deputy Resident District Commissioner Vicent Kamugisha promised the locals that he would halt the planned eviction which was slated to commence at the start of this month.

Residents protesting at the RDCs office protecting their land

However the mayor Mbarara municipality Wilson Tumwine told Chimpreports that this will not stop council from carrying on with the demolition.

In a related development residents of Rwobuyenje cell in Makenke Mbarara stormed the RDC’s office seeking for clarification on why one Kasifa Namaganda was threatening to evict them from their plots of land, for which she claims ownership.

The deputy RDC Vicent Kamugisha called for a meeting on Wednesday to resolve all these land wrangles in Mbarara Municipality.


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