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100 Youths Arrested in Mbarara

By Raymond Lukwago

There is a looming demonstration yet to take place at Uganda Christian University by the students tomorrow Wednesday 20th May 2015, visit web reports reaching our desk indicate.

In a letter dated 13th May the students through their students’ guild government asked the Mukono DPC police station for permission to exercise their right to a peaceful demonstration as per article (7)(1) of the institution’s students Guild constitution.

The university’s information minister, what is ed George Komunda in a phone interview this evening confirmed the existence of a peaceful demonstration, previously rumored strike to happen tomorrow.

“I confirm there will be a peaceful demonstration tomorrow Wednesday,” Mr Komunda confirmed.

“Contrary to the purported strike rumors we hear in media, I wish to confirm it is a peaceful demonstration and we have followed all rules of procedure,” he added.

However the university administration has come forth to decry the guild government’s approach to tackling pressing issues like those addressed in their letter to the Vice Chancellor by the guild president.

“The University has done everything possible to ensure the students are comfortable and this is not in good faith of the guild president for the students he is supposed to guide,” Joseph Basoga the university public relation’s officer revealed to Campus Bee.

He further noted that the guild president and his subsequent guild cabinet didn’t flow the rules of procedure as stated by the 2009 policy signed by both the students and university administration.

“The guild president notified the police for permission yet his aware there is a policy his supposed to follow i.e. write to the vice chancellor through the DOSA (Dean of Students) then be indulged in a dialogue to solve a specific problem,” Basoga noted.

After the guild president’s letter to the vice chancellor, Basoga further reveals the guild president was called for a dialogue albeit didn’t attend thought notice.

All efforts to get contact of the institution’s guild president were fatal although his government through Komunda asserts that government aims for diplomacy and shouldn’t be associated to Makerere University or Kyambogo.

Asked if the university and the students will reach a consensus before the strike, Komunda exasperated that the university wouldn’t wish to hear either a peaceful demonstration or a strike around the university since through that, their weaknesses will be exposed.

The students main justifications for the demonstration are; unjustified increment of tuition, excessive penalties on tuition, dark and dangerous roads, dusty roads on campus, terrible unfair timetables, high taxes on private universities and delayed reopening of the small gates.


Police in Mbarara together with Mbarara Municipal Council on Tuesday morning carried out an operation in the town slums of Kijungu, ed Kisenyi, stomach Lugazi, and Tax Park; arresting over 100 people including street kids.

The acting DPC Mbarara Jaffar Magezi said that the operations were aimed at eliminating idlers that increase criminality such as murder, theft in the town or even terrorism.

An officer registering the idlers while in the police yard

He further expressed pity with the detained street kids most of whom are lured there by their peers to survive on collecting scraps while engaging in crimes at night.

Magezi said that Mbarara Municipal council is ready to provide transport for the street kids willing to be taken to their respected families.

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