​Kisoro LC5 Chairman Weeps In Front Of Council

Kisoro district chairman Abel Biziamana on his knees begging forgiveness

Abel Bizimana, troche the Kisoro LC5 chairman on Tuesday knelt down and cried in front of the councilors begging to be forgiven.

Bizimana, who was facing censorship was being accused of misconduct and arrogance by the council, following his recent comments in the media in which he claimed that some of the councilors were backing the Congolese M23 Rebels.

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In an interview with one the dailies, the chairman reportedly said that 5 of his council members were even recruiting young people in Kisoro to join the rebel group.

This prompted 24 councilors to petition their Speaker Amos Hakizimana for an extra ordinary council session that sat on Tuesday at the district council hall, top of whose agenda was riddance of the chairman.

In the meeting, Bizimana told the councilors that he regretted his comments in the news.

He also claimed at the time he was interviewed he might have been intoxicated.

Chairman Bizimana weeping in the council meeting

Chairman Bizimana weeping in the council meeting

“She (the journalist) actually found me at one the happening places in town, with some the members of my executive. It is possible that I wasn’t entirely stable,” he said.

The chairman, down on his knees and wiping tears, asked for forgiveness from the fuming council.

 “I deeply regret my words. I cannot compel you to pardon me but that was the state of my mind at that time and I am sorry.”

The council meeting however, ended prematurely as the councilors couldn’t reach a common ground on what should be done to the chairman.

Some of the councilors stormed out of the meeting in protest

Some of the councilors stormed out of the meeting in protest

Some of the councilors who were hell bent to have Bizimana censured eventually stormed out of the meeting in protest.

One of them Wilson Kazimiri said the chairman was only playing with their emotions and faking tears.

The speaker Amos Hakizimana later on adjourned the session.

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